Cloud Readiness Session for SAP on AWS

Companies are looking to move their workloads to the public cloud to improve productivity and lower costs. The planning before migrating to the public cloud can be as important as the migration itself. It is important to assess your company’s architectural design before moving to the public cloud to see how ready your organization is for the cloud. By creating a detailed plan for SAP applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), your cloud migration will go smoother.

In this architecture design or cloud readiness session, Syntax will partner with you to assess your public cloud requirements and recommend the optimal hosting strategy for SAP applications in a public cloud.

Session Details

During this session, Syntax will preform a thorough review of your cloud hosting requirements, objectives, and goals. We will then work with you to clearly identify what can and can’t be realized with the cloud.

What occurs during the cloud readiness session for SAP on Amazon Web Services?

  • Collect SAP EarlyWatch reports
  • Establish service level agreement (SLA) requirements
  • Identify business initiatives around a “cloud-first” strategy
  • Determine SAP HANA and big data strategy
  • Review AWS software and services initiatives
  • Identify industry compliance requirements
  • Determine data privacy requirements
  • Determine data security requirements
  • Request SAP interface requirements