IT Security Pros Say Attacks on SAP Apps To Increase

What is the biggest mistake that companies make with their SAP environments?

Assuming they are secure. Many enterprises believe that SAP protects them out of the box. But this isn’t true.

While SAP is critical for helping businesses run, it expects you to handle your own security. For example, you still need to perform ongoing maintenance and patch your operating systems.

5 Key Questions to Improve Your SAP Security

SAP is a juicy target for hackers. A single SAP system can house data from your business, including your human resources (HR), finance and product development departments. With so much sensitive data – all in one place – it’s not surprising that hackers are targeting SAP systems.

An SAP breach costs companies an average of $5 million, but the impact can be far greater. For example, Altegrity Inc. filed for bankruptcy after one of its divisions had an SAP breach and then lost a major government contract.

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