OpEx Payment Model That Costs Up To 75% Less Than On-Premise Data Storage Annually

CIOs and technology leaders continue to weigh the benefits and limitations of traditional, on-premise storage and infrastructure for mission-critical, enterprise data and applications. While migrating your JD Edwards environments to the cloud certainly offers increased agility and flexibility, it can also raise concerns around security and control.

This white paper outlines the fundamentals of cloud economics for CIOs and IT leaders, where you’ll develop a better understanding of the challenges of on-premise ERP and how to quantify the impact, as well as the operational and business advantages of cloud infrastructure, including dispelling some of the common myths of the cloud.

Download to discover why, as you weigh the fully burdened costs of running your own data center against the financial and strategic benefits of cloud, the case for “cloud economics” becomes more and more clear-cut, including:

  • Decreasing hardware acquisition and maintenance costs
  • Cutting redundancy costs that are inherent in the cloud model
  • Easing staffing costs and headaches of retaining legacy skills
  • Reducing operational costs for facilities, power and cooling