Securing Your Business

Security vulnerabilities are more of an issue in today’s increasingly networked world than it ever has been. Minimizing security risk is a complicated task that requires a proper security infrastructure plus constant monitoring, patching, and updating.

Businesses must take every precaution in order to protect their data. This whitepaper discusses 16 phases of securing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) that a proper ERP cloud / security partner should be attentive to, from boundary defense to data recovery.

Best Practices for Defense 

If keeping your data secure seems like a daunting task it is! The best defense against an attack is to protect both your ERP and your data simultaneously.

Each of the 16 phases for securing an ERP will inform you of what you should be doing and why.

Download this whitepaper to find out if you’re on top of your business security needs.

Do you know these 16 phrases? If you don't,  you may not be securing your data or securing your ERP.

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