AWS is SAP-Certified and Provides Certified Compute Instances for Demanding Needs

During the past few years, SAP has focused on the cloud versions of its core products, especially S/4HANA. SAP has also enhanced its portfolio by acquiring cloud solutions such as Success Factors and Ariba.

Meanwhile, public cloud providers are continuously innovating to build more scalable, reliable, and secure services. Vendors such as AWS have invested heavily in SAP as demonstrated by the wide and ever expanding choices of SAP-certified compute instances that can accommodate even the most demanding compute needs.

Despite these advances, many CIOs are unclear on the best path to AWS and lack the internal resources and skill sets necessary to plan and execute a cloud strategy.

Minimize Your Risks When Migrating to the Public Cloud

This white paper outlines how to minimize risks and ensure a successful migration – even if your organization doesn’t have in-house AWS expertise.

In this white paper, you will discover:

  • How to remove the biggest barriers to the public cloud
  • Why AWS is uniquely suited for SAP applications
  • 7 questions to ask before you migrate mission-critical SAP data to AWS

In this guide, learn how you can securely migrate your SAP data to AWS so that you can reduce your costs, increase your agility, and gain a competitive edge.