The Changing Nature of Work

The world of work is undergoing radical upheaval. Globalization. The transformation toward a knowledge economy. Changing requirements of a new generation in relation to the workplace and employers.

In this guide, you will learn how corporate IT can be an enabler to confront the new challenges associated with managing Generation Y expectations.

Generation Y is Calling for Change

Gen Y generation is specifically looking for employers with a modern corporate culture that matches their lifestyle and allows them to determine their own path and work independently.

It is completely new compared to how it used to be.

Unlike previous generations, the new generation of career starters is spoiled with choice when it comes to employers. Suitably qualified employees are becoming ever scarcer as the Baby Boomer generation gradually retires. While the company used to select the best among the applicants, younger people now select the best company.

For companies this means a tough battle for young professionals and an escalation in the “war for talent.” 

In this whitepaper, learn why businesses that cultivate open communication and a flexible working style and use social media and mobile communications will find a receptive audience among the younger generation.