Internet of Things (IoT) Has Dominated the Technology Discussion Recently

IoT has dominated the technology discussion in recent years, inspiring the imagination of the media, politics and the economy.

While there was a lot of talk of possibilities and use case scenarios during this time, many companies are still struggling with the implementation.

In this guide, you will learn six tips for an IoT implementation at your company.

IoT Becomes A Reality

Rethinking the future of the company is a challenging undertaking.

  • What will your company look like 10 years from now?
  • Is your business model still sustainable and can it generate growth?
  • Where might young, wild disruptors lurk, threatening the existing business?

In order to deal with such questions in a structured and disciplined way, companies should form a digitization or IoT board where members of management, together with representatives of specialist departments and IT, develop the route toward digitization and initiate concrete projects.

In this whitepaper, learn why it is critical that you should choose your first IoT project carefully.