How to Select the Right AMS Partner for SAP

Globalization has caused many international organizations to turn to third-party managed IT services partners to provide the expertise and services necessary for efficient day-to-day IT operations and to deploy and support the business applications that keep global enterprises running. In this guide, you will learn how to choose the best global application managed service vendor for SAP.

Key Considerations

Discover seven major categories that all global enterprises should consider when seeking an AMS partner for SAP.

  • Business improvements. The cornerstone of AMS is business process improvements not just break fixes.
  • Assess its global footprint. It is critical that a managed service provider operates in the countries where you have a presence.
  • Is it the right size? IT decision-makers should seek a managed IT services provider that is a good fit in terms of size.
  • Flexibility and creativity. Make sure that your partner is flexible to your organization's needs and can provide creative strategies.
  • Breadth of experience. The right managed IT services vendor is the one that possesses the current and future skills required to meet the goals of a global organization. 
  • Relevant certifications. Request a list of certifications earned by the provider's employees.
  • The personal touch. Find a specific contact at your AMS provider who knows your company's history and business.