Your Cloud Migration Road Map and Next Steps

A cloud migration isn’t something that happens on a regular basis. Moving to the cloud requires a solid strategy. If you rush your cloud migration or cut corners, you will likely make a mistake. 

A cloud migration requires a roadmap and a solid strategy. If a migration is rushed due to cost savings, the project will likely fail. Risks can be minimized by working with a partner that has a proven roadmap to make your transition to the cloud easier. This guide features the 7 steps an organization should take to complete a successful migration to the cloud.

In this guide, you’ll learn the seven steps to help you transition to the cloud more smoothly. 

Create Your Optimal Cloud Strategy

During a digital transformation, some companies look to cut costs while others look to develop new products and services. Some organizations prefer a quick "lift-and-shift” of their servers from one location to another, while others first develop a dedicated cloud migration strategy.

Whatever the approach, a cloud migration should not be done with a quick and inexpensive mindset. 

  • Check the versions of your hardware and software systems.
  • Schedule and minimize downtime
  • Understand your interlocking systems
  • and much more