Cloud Migrations Accelerate Your Organization

A 10-year-old car can get you around town just fine. But as it ages, you end up bringing it to the mechanic more often and for increasingly costly repairs, where it becomes apparent that it is more expensive to maintain than trade up for a newer model.

It’s the same with SAP systems. A legacy on-premises SAP deployment might work fine for now, but a move to the cloud offers greater flexibility, agility, and opportunities for innovation. Systems that are on-premises are riddled with custom code and can be agonizingly slow at times. They also are challenging to integrate with new technology. Maintaining and fixing them can be time-consuming and costly, taking valuable time away from IT.

ASUG and Syntax have teamed every year since 2017 to research the nuances of cloud experiences among SAP customers. In this whitepaper, we highlight findings from 2021, including:

  • Hitting the gas on innovation with Cloud migrations
  • Where SAP customers stand on Cloud services
  • Why SAP customers are innovating in the Cloud
  • What causes SAP customers to slam the brakes on moving to the Cloud
  • How to get the most mileage from Cloud innovation