Endpoint Security: 7 Things You Should Pay Attention to Now

Cyberattacks are hitting companies with increasing hardness as cybercriminals become more professional with their attacks. Find out why now is the time to employ new, modern security solutions and how they make it possible to identify risks earlier and increase your company's security.

In this guide, you'll learn why old security solutions are obsolete, how to block malware in real-time, and the importance of exchanging security information at a centralized location.

Cyber Attacks are Hitting Harder than Ever

Outdated browsers, network protocol vulnerabilities, untrained users - these days, malware has lots of entry points. While hackers are becoming increasingly more professional, most companies are inadequately positioned when it comes to device security. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies are experiencing more frequent and more powerful attacks. The time has come to rethink workplace security, and seven decisive criteria are playing a role here.

Seven Things to Pay Attention to Now:

  • Security for every component
  • Behavior-based analysis
  • Blocking in real time
  • Exchange of information at a central location
  • Review of security standards
  • Managed Security Services
  • Sensitization of employees