Don't Take Shortcuts As You Migrate to Cloud

By 2020, enterprises will move 83 percent of their workloads to the cloud. If you’re transferring your workloads to the public and/or private cloud, you might be under pressure to deliver a quick, cheap, and high-quality migration.

However, it’s impossible to hit all three of these targets.

Cheap Migrations = Downtime

If you speed through your migration, you run the risk of moving your data to unreliable cloud systems. Then, you will spend more time and money troubleshooting problems.

Meanwhile, cheap migrations often lead to downtime. If you need to keep users up and running, you must invest in the powerful hardware and/or state-of-the-art third-party software that is necessary to ensure a fast and efficient migration.

While moving to the cloud offers a number of benefits, a poorly planned migration can increase your costs and risks.

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