Choose the Right Partner for Your Cloud Migration

Good partners don’t fall from the clouds. The right partner should not only orchestrate your cloud(s) and relieve the burden on your internal team but should also be actively invested in your company’s cybersecurity.

Companies are using cloud-based infrastructure to develop new business models and drive digital transformation. Adding cloud services to your IT environment can increase your complexity and burden your internal team. For these reasons, many enterprises are looking for help, and we've developed a checklist to guide you through your search.

What to Look for in a Partner

With so many options, it can be challenging to find a partner with the right expertise and experience. Many providers sound good on paper but fail to deliver after you sign a contract.

Discover the best approach to finding the right cloud partner for you by looking doing your research:

  • The Background Research. The right partner should have a proven track record for successful cloud migration projects and an innovative approach to implementation.
  • The Compatibility Test. The right partner should specialize in the core technologies and industries you rely on.
  • The Security Check. The right partner should highly value your cybersecurity by actively monitoring, protecting, and reporting.
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