A History Lesson of EnterpriseOne Pages

JD Edwards has transformed the EnterpriseOne User Experience with innovative features that give the end users the ability to personalize their own user experience to meet their individual preferences without customizations. This review examines the history and direction of one such feature: EnterpriseOne Pages.

Tools Release 9.1 

EnterpriseOne Pages (E1 Pages) started as an effort to utilize the empty white space that was created by moving EnterpriseOne Menus to the top of the screen but have now evolved into so much more.

These Business Process Flows simplify navigation to applications and reports and are especially well suited for Mobile and Tablet Computing.

The EnterpriseOne Pages – Tools 9.1 added innovative features to allow users a personalized experience. A few feature benefits discussed in this whitepaper are:

  • Define external URLs for display on the home page
  • Low cost Portal options
    Tools 9.1 added the ability to embed One View Reports in E1 Pages.
  • Abstract the creation of Business Flows to a Business Flow Framework