3 Years of Cloud Research of SAP Users

Building upon two years of cloud research, Syntax and ASUG have teamed up again to take a deep dive into how SAP customers are adopting the cloud.

In 2017, our research debunked cloud myths. In 2018, we discovered inconsistent cloud standards was a top challenge. In 2019, we exposed how the lack of a detailed cloud strategy directly impacts cloud satisfaction.

Strategy Impacts Satisfaction

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Which SAP customer segments (based on cloud spend) are doubling down on the cloud
  • How a lack of a cloud strategy lowers an organization’s cloud satisfaction
  • The key differences between the public cloud and the private cloud you should address in your organization’s cloud strategy
Don’t miss this on-demand webinar to learn how SAP users can increase their satisfaction with the cloud. 

  • Chris Pomeroy, Vice President of Solutions Architecture, Syntax
  • Ann Marie Gray, Vice President of Content, ASUG