Due to multiple acquisitions, Silgan has over 20 different ERPs (including JD Edwards and E-Business Suite) within its enterprise portfolio of applications, creating challenges to viewing global performance. Any sort of global views of data had to be manually created, were limited in the data that was provided, and did not meet the cadence that the business required to optimally run the business. Silgan decided to implement a Global Data Lake to consolidate data from all their ERPs. In doing so, they were able to obtain critical global sales and purchasing KPIs in a timely manner, provide automation to their global tax processing, and gain efficiencies in the pricing of their finished goods.

The Silgan use-case covers:

  • Global Sales and Purchasing Analytics
  • Demand Forecasting and Pricing Automation
  • Global GL and Tax Consolidation
  • ESG Data Consolidation


Craig Kelly
VP of Analytics
Will Cokeley
VP of Business Technology
Silgan Holdings