Adding IoT and AI to your business allows you to collect more data to make better decisions, improve product quality, increase efficiency, and lighten the workload of your workforce through real-time automated response. The side effect of this automation that many organizations do not consider is that trade secrets such as recipes and formulas, which in the past were tightly controlled, are now digitally available on hundreds or thousands of devices. Additionally, these devices are designed for ease of management at a low price point and not with security in mind. 

This session presents strategies and tools to mitigate, or where possible remediate, deficiencies in AIoT security to protect your trade secrets and intellectual property.


Session Objectives:

  • Provide a framework for evaluating your AIoT security posture.
  • Discuss strategies and potential technologies that mitigate or remediate assessed AIoT risks.
  • Case study of one organization’s journey to ensure a secure AIoT deployment.


Michael Rulf Headshot
Michael Rulf
CTO Americas