IT leaders often face an uphill battle to justify new initiatives, especially if the internal customer experience with IT is problematic. When was the last time that positive buzz about IT went viral in your organization? Your Service Desk is the front door to IT or the tip of the spear and, if done right, it can fuel a dramatic turnaround in user experience, problem resolution, cost effectiveness, and IT credibility.

In this webinar, you'll learn:
  • The warning signs that your Service Desk needs attention
  • The limitations of traditional Service Desk solutions
  • The importance of having your Service Desk focus on continuous improvement rather than driven by ticket volume

This on-demand webinar will demonstrate how the Service Desk can help your IT team better manage its reputation.

  • Lucus Witt:  Service Desk Director, Syntax
  • Greg Phelps:  Vice President of Sales, Syntax