ASUG and Syntax have teamed up annually since 2017 to conduct research about SAP customers’ experience with the cloud. This year’s survey results uncovered new insights into how SAP customers who are cloud pros—those who have been in the cloud for three years or more—approach the cloud compared with cloud newcomers—who have been in the cloud for two years or fewer.

During this on-demand webinar, you'll learn:

  • The key differences between SAP customers who are cloud pros and newcomers, including where the pros are getting more value from the cloud
  • Why cloud needs are evolving for SAP customers
  • How SAP S/4HANA implementations are influencing cloud strategies

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can gain more value from the cloud, whether you are a pro at running your SAP systems on the cloud or you are just getting started with your cloud strategy.

  • Ann Marie Gray:  VP of Content Strategy and Research, ASUG
  • Jared Powell:  Cloud Solutions Architect, Syntax


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