Originally delivered at INFOCUS Envision – April 13, 2021

With more people working remotely in 2020 due to the global pandemic, ransomware attacks have increased 715% year over year. Ransomware - a type of malicious software or malware that prohibits you from accessing files, apps, and/or networks unless you pay a handsome ransom - is on the rise and getting more dangerous.

It’s important to effectively combat ransomware before it happens to your enterprise, so your business is not shut down. With hackers becoming more sophisticated and targeted, how do you protect yourself from a ransomware attack?

If ransomware DOES strike you, how do you respond? What steps are required to recover from the attack, and what JDE-specific actions are needed afterwards?

  • Understand today’s cybersecurity landscape
  • JDE-specific considerations and best practices during and after a ransomware attack
  • Matthew Rogers, CISO – Syntax
  • Chris Garner, Senior JD Edwards Technical Consultant - Syntax
  • Michael Guerra, Principal JD Edwards Technical Consultant – Syntax