Gain Greater Elasticity, Scalability and Cost Savings with a Hybrid Cloud

Oracle E-Business Suite users can gain greater elasticity, scalability and cost savings with a Hybrid Cloud. But a decision to move to a Hybrid Cloud brings questions such as:

  • In what part of a Hybrid Cloud should critical applications and key data reside?
  • How much will adopting a Hybrid Cloud cut IT infrastructure and application development costs?
  • How quickly can you roll out a Hybrid Cloud solution?
  • Hybrid Clouds bring unique security and integration challenges, what strategies can you use to overcome them?

This on-demand webinar will answer these questions and many others.

We’ll also highlight the latest Cloud computing trends as they relate to Oracle EBS, while debunking several myths about the Hybrid Cloud. Finally, we’ll provide a detailed overview of best practices for Hybrid Cloud deployment and automation.




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