Business units need actionable insights to drive new business initiatives and grow revenue streams. To harness the potential of your SAP data, it's important to go beyond data collection by linking multiple data sources to power up your business analytics and produce better business results.

Learn how you can gain more value from your data, whether you are a business analytics pro or you are just getting started with doing more with your data.

Key Takeaways:
  • An overview of front-end business analytics tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud and backend tools such as AWS Data Lakes to unlock the power of complex data
  • Why it is so easy for SAP customers to experiment and explore technologies that analyze their data
  • Current analytical concepts and technologies such as serverless architecture, columnar storage, data warehouses, AI, ML, and more
  • Craig Kelly: VP of Business Analytics - Syntax
  • Jens Beck: Director of IIoT, Analytics and Innovative Cloud Services - Syntax