Originally delivered at ASCEND 2021 – August 17, 2021

Oracle EBS ties into all aspects of your IT infrastructure and is “the keys to the kingdom” with all your financial, HR, and customer payment data. Managing this critical system requires more than configuring a firewall and applying hundreds of Oracle security patches per quarter. A breach can result in direct financial loss from inability to manufacture or ship, plus collateral legal damage from HR data sold by hackers can cripple a company.

This on-demand session will review four pillars you should consider as a minimum-security strategy and delves into tools that can help mitigate the potential security risks in your ERP ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:
  • Provide an overview of current cyber realities as illustrated with examples of real-world attacks on ERP landscapes
  • Present four distinct focus areas when developing a wholistic security strategy for an ERP ecosystem.
  • Illustrate the business value and key benefits for each focus area including product examples with actual data
  • Mike Rulf – CTO Americas, Syntax