Originally delivered at INFOCUS Envision – April 14, 2021

JD Edwards customers are either moving or considering a move to the public cloud. Comparing and contrasting the available public cloud options requires basic fluency in general, public cloud concepts. We will outline the steps in the cloud migration journey, learn about public cloud concepts, and see why Amazon Web Services (AWS) is such a powerful and compelling choice for your public cloud platform.

Along the road to the public cloud, organizations are lured by the potential and promises but often fail to capitalize on the value offered by the public cloud. This session will uncover the best practices when migrating to the public cloud and will review how public cloud tools and capabilities should be used to optimize business outcomes.

During this session, you'll hear from Syntax and Amazon Web Services (AWS) about the potential to transform your technology landscape, how to unleash the power of the public cloud, and how to maximize the benefits for your organization.

  • Public cloud concepts and the public cloud migration journey
  • The AWS public cloud platform and using the power of Amazon Web Services to unleash the power of the public cloud
  • Real-world case studies for a successful public cloud migration.
  • Colin Dawes, Chief Solution Architect – Syntax
  • Michael Sit, Partner Business Development Manager - Amazon Web Services