If you are retrofitting or purchasing new IT systems to remain competitive in manufacturing, a digitized, data-driven production strategy based on IIoT is critical to success. Companies who don’t evolve with business processes and regulatory changes associated with Industry 4.0 and choose to network their production based on a central IIoT platform will be left behind.

With more manual processes becoming automated, a standard product is now replaced with intelligent mass production of individualized products. As a manufacturer, you can now offer new digital services to your customers, create a digital twin, optimize your decision making, and enable intelligent operations with your SAP data.

In this On-Demand webinar, you'll learn:
  • The importance of finding IIoT cases that provide tangible business value
  • The power of Syntax’s IIoT Portal, built on AWS, that provides a single point of entry to help you better serve your customers while increasing revenue
  • Why IIoT planning is critical to successfully analyzing and leveraging SAP data
  • How Syntax’s IIoT portal enables companies to deploy, secure, and manage their devices at scale and gather data to make better business decisions
  • Syntax Quick Start Offer to accelerate your IIoT Journey
  • Jens Beck, Director of IIoT, Analytics and Innovative Cloud Services, Syntax
  • Matt Brown, Leader of Partner Success for U.S. Central Region, Amazon Web Services
  • Roan Low, SAP Solutions Architect, Syntax