As departments learn to do more with less, IT staffing is not a top priority. According to a Syntax data study of more than 500 IT decision makers being released in January 2021, more than 3 in 4 IT leaders (79%) saw a reduction in headcount at the beginning of the pandemic as enterprises cut costs. This staffing shortage is creating increased exposure and risk to many enterprise IT departments.

One solution to this staffing shortage is to work with a third-party partner who can help companies with on-site technical (OST) support, also known as smart hands. OST support helps enterprises keep their IT infrastructure and data centers up and running around the clock.

When companies outsource OST, they benefit from 24/7 protection from a potentially disastrous shutdown of IT equipment. This downtime can take days or even weeks to recover from, causing more strain on IT teams which are already stretched thin.

In this webinar, you'll learn:
  • Key staffing questions IT leaders are confronted with every day
  • Why IT support teams need knowledgeable “hands and feet” on the ground
  • The different types of OST staffing models
  • O'Brian Fulton, Team Lead for On-Site Support, Syntax
  • Greg Phelps, Vice President of Sales, Syntax
  • Matthew Royse, Marketing Director, Syntax (moderator)