Organizations should always be prepared for the unexpected, especially where critical technology systems are concerned. A business continuity plan (BCP) incorporates both prevention and recovery from potential organizational threats. Not having a business continuity plan places an organization at a greater risk of high financial losses, reputation degradation, and can create even greater risks for its clients and customers.

As the core of your business systems, JD Edwards is the heart of your enterprise functionality and it is essential to maintain its continued operation and availability. The ability and speed of an organization to recover from an incident is crucial to its ongoing success and viability.

In this on-demand webinar,  we will present an overview of business continuity and focus on high availability and disaster recovery options for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. We will align the preventative and recovery methods with various technology options and business processes. Technology solutions will include both private and public cloud options, features, and benefits. Finally, we will demonstrate JD Edwards EnterpriseOne design and architecture considerations to support on-going business continuity.

Key Takeaways:
  • Business Continuity overview and various components
  • High Availability benefits, strategies, and limitations
  • Disaster Recovery planning, implementation, and testing
  • How the Cloud enables Business Continuity solutions
  • Designing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Business Continuity