Big business benefits can be realized by moving SAP workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS). From performance improvements and increased flexibility and scalability, to a reduction in costs and provisioning times, many tangible benefits can be achieved. While these are extremely important, the move to AWS is often just the first step in the customers’ innovation journey.

After building a foundation on AWS infrastructure, Syntax enables customers to transform their entire business with applications that can extend or integrate with their SAP investments.

In this on-demand webinar, AWS and Syntax demonstrate how Syntax helps its SAP customers with transformational experiences using AWS as a platform for innovation.

  • How the Syntax Intelligent Autonomous Platform (IAP) built on AWS, provides a modern and next-generation platform experience for business applications
  • How Syntax is helping companies implement Data Lakes, Amazon Forecast and Business Intelligence to unlock the power of complex data
  • How the Syntax Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) portal built on AWS enables customers to deploy, secure, and manage their devices at scale and gather data to make better business decisions

Find out how Syntax customers have successfully implemented IAP, BI and IIoT services to explore new business opportunities, provide experiences at scale, and save money. Not just with SAP, but also with the applications that surround it— all core to their business.

  • Matthew Lobaugh, AWS SAP Beyond Infrastructure
  • Marcelo Tamassia, Global CTO, Syntax
  • Craig Kelly, VP Business Intelligence, Syntax
  • Bjoern Bartheidel, VP Intelligent Industry Services, Syntax