Choosing between the Public and Private Cloud is one of the most challenging choices that Oracle E-Business Suite and JD Edwards users face today. A good way to jump start that decision making process is to ask yourself questions similar to the ones below:

  1. Will you be able to meet your audit and compliance requirements regardless of which Cloud you choose?
  2. Do your non-production usage rates lend themselves to a metered pricing model?
  3. Can you seamlessly “Lift and Shift” to any Cloud option, or do your existing technology investments, platform choices, and customizations require you to do in-depth due diligence?
  4. Where does your security risk tolerance threshold lie, and how does that translate to the choices you face about the Cloud?
  5. How does your choice of Clouds impact your Oracle licensing structure?

Syntax invites you to watch this on-demand webinar where we provide the insights needed to help answer those questions so that you can begin charting your course to the Cloud.

This is Part 2 of a multi-part series of webcasts on Cloud options for Oracle ERP. Part 1 reviewed the issue of workload placement in the Cloud. Part 3 will highlight the business case specifically for Public Cloud. The series will wrap up in Part 4 by discussing how to effectively use both Public and Private Clouds in a Hybrid Cloud strategy.