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Increasingly, JD Edwards customers are looking to move their on-premises application to the cloud to capitalize on flexibility, elasticity, automation, availability and breadth of services. Organizations running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can greatly simplify the cost and complexity of managing and maintaining their ERP infrastructure by moving to the cloud, allowing a greater focus on business innovation. Come learn how Syntax and AWS can help you accelerate your JDE workloads journey to AWS to leverage the best the cloud has to offer.

Webinar Objectives
  • Discover why hosting JDE environments on-premise is a thing of the past. See firsthand key AWS features, components and benefits and learn which components of AWS are most relevant to JDE E1.
  • Discover how AWS is uniquely suited for JDE workloads. What steps should you take if you are prepared to migrate your JDE environment to AWS (and what to do if you’re not ready)
  • Dive deep into successful migrations with sample architectures and customer stories while giving insights and tips to help you accelerate your journey
  • Colin Dawes:  Chief Solution Architect, Syntax
  • Sam Khidhir:  Partner Solution Architect, AWS
  • Christel Craig:  Director of Enterprise Systems, Printpack
  • Matt Garrison:  Director of IT Infrastructure and Operations, Printpack