E-Business Suite will be supported through 2032 and beyond with the current release of 12.2 under Oracle’s Continuous Innovation model. There are several major dates coming up for both E-Business Suite and Oracle Database that customers must be aware of and act on.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss what you need to do to “keep the lights on” and review several key focus areas that are most concerning for Oracle customers for 2022 including license optimization, cloud migration options, integration strategies, multi-cloud management, and security.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand how Oracle’s Lifetime Support and Error Correction Policies impact your E-Business Suite application and technology investments and what you need to do to stay supported.
  • Learn some of the key things you can do during year-end to improve the health and performance of your E-Business Suite environment.
  • Hear the latest and greatest trends in cloud migration options, including a comparison of public cloud features and what you should consider when moving your application footprint.
  • Learn how to review your footprint to optimize Oracle licensing and support spend, and how to proactively be prepared for an Oracle audit.
  • Get an overview of integration technologies customers are using with E-Business Suite and how you can wrangle connectivity to other SaaS applications and reporting solutions.
  • Understand the key security concerns that customers are facing and some ways they are addressing them, both for E-Business Suite and other enterprise applications.
  • Know what to consider when budgeting for 2022.
  • Marc Caruso, Chief Architect - Syntax