COVID-19 has impacted business across the board. It has disrupted business continuity, changed how and where we work and skewed revenue patterns.

CIOs have been asked to fix things quickly and ensure that these quick-fixes be resilient enough to weather future disruptions. In addition, they are also expected to lay the groundwork for future growth.

That’s a tall task. To help you and your colleagues at your organization meet these challenges, Syntax invites you to watch our on-demand Virtual CIO Roundtable, where we discuss:

  • How CIOs are assessing and adjusting IT priorities to cope with the crisis
  • What CIOs anticipate as the “new normal” in terms of infrastructure, systems and processes
  • How CIOs are navigating uncertainty and positioning their businesses to prevail post- coronavirus

Syntax Vice President for Oracle North America, Randy Alessio, moderates this insightful roundtable.

Featured Speakers

BillSandblom1 RandyEmslie
Bill Sandblom
The International Group
Randy Emslie
ENERGI Fenestration Solutions


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Kraig Brown
L&L Products
Kevin McEvoy