Weidmüller has transformed itself from a manufacturer of snap fasteners in the textiles industry to become a leading provider of solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The company has long recognized the opportunities of digitalization and developed its own global digitalization strategy several years ago.

“Our SAP systems had a missing link that we wanted to join up using a Manufacturing Execution System, or MES,” explains Patrick-Benjamin Bök, VP Global Digitalization/Corporate Factory IT & Technologies at Weidmüller.

Download this Success Story to discover what Weidmüller was able to accomplish with Syntax as the implementation partner of their SAP Digital Manufacturing Suite, including:

  • Implementation approach of sprints, reviews and backlogs, which opened up the option of agile app development, switching the focus spontaneously and tailoring the solution precisely to Weidmüller’s needs and requirements
  • Optimized deadlines with the achievement of higher production throughput
  • Creation of a modern workplace focused on usability

We did not want an IT solution with bells and whistles and flashing lights just for the sake of it. We wanted something that would be a real improvement for our employees. Making work more fulfilling with digitalization.

Patrick-Benjamin Bök VP Global Digitalization/Corporate Factory IT & Technologies, Weidmüller