Trex Company, Inc.

With continued growth and an expanding international footprint, Trex realized that it was time to redefine the IT infrastructure needed to support future success. Facing a hardware refresh, the Trex IT team began exploring cloud solutions that would move them out of the data center business of managing their own hardware.

Because this was the company’s first foray into cloud computing, Trex was fundamentally seeking a Proof of Concept for the cloud as a viable replacement for its own data center. Amazon Web Serices (AWS) and Syntax met jointly with Trex to introduce the capabilities of Syntax Enterprise Cloud® powered by AWS.

In this success story, discover how the AWS/Syntax partnership brought everything together for Trex, including:

  • Syntax’s demonstrated experience, with more than 30 successful cloud migrations to AWS
  • The prominence of Syntax as the world’s largest JDE on AWS provider
  • Unique intellectual property (IP) that Syntax brings for monitoring, billing, as well as for other tools that JDE utilizes and that only run on AWS

Download to see how Syntax Enterprise Cloud® powered by AWS, together with Syntax EnterpriseCare® Monitoring for JD Edwards, gives Trex a dependable, high availability solution for its Microsoft Windows and SQL Server-Based JDE environment.

Thanks for the blood, sweat, and tears put into months of design, configuration, preparation, and testing – as well as the extended effort to do the cutover after hours to minimize disruption to the business. Thank you to all involved.

Bill Berson CIO, Trex Company, Inc.