"With Syntax, we have a partner at our side who knows how industrial companies tick, who knows the processes and special features. Therefore, they also understand which impulses are needed to rethink existing processes in terms of digitization. Together with the profound SAP and cloud know-how, the result is a unique mix. Industry, SAP, and Syntax belong together for me."

Hendrik Rothe | Managing Director, Smart Press Shop

Smart Press Shop

Innovative business models deserve practical implementation. Against this background, Smart Press Shop wanted to build a new and modern plant with maximum transparency in all operational processes and traceability of every product. This required a suitable partner who could consult and implement ERP and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and a partner who could take over operations.

After an intensive selection process, the decision was made for SAP and cloud specialist Syntax, which brought three core competencies to the table that Smart Press Shop was looking for: industry, cloud, and ERP experience.

In this case study, discover how a Syntax can provide Smart Press Shop with:

  • Full support of SAP systems and network infrastructure so that Smart Press Shop does not need to employ an on-site IT team
  • Scalability and flexibility of cloud-based software that saves on acquisition and system maintenance costs
  • Production preparation that is 60% faster than conventional systems, with a reduced time to market of up to 15%