Madrileña Red de Gas

As the third-largest gas distributor in Spain, Madrileña Red de Gas (MRG) serves almost one million customers. With very little customer contact, the company sought to assume the role of facilitator and provide a greater base for customer communication.

To achieve this goal, MRG sought to move their current contact center from an outsourcing model service to a solution that would always produce an instant view of the relationship with the customer, establishing metrics and reacting to optimized measures.

Discover how Amazon Connect offers MRG more flexibility and agility in managing and configuring their contact center, including:

  • The foundation to offer an omnichannel strategy in the future
  • Cost savings and resource optimization from a new “pay-as-you-go” model

We receive around 80,000 calls a month, and we did not have the control or the ability to know in real-time what was happening. We needed to have it to improve the customer experience, making processes more flexible, automating and increasing speed.

Héctor Morán Head of Customer Experience, Systems and Telecommunications Department, MRG