Majestic Resorts

Luxury hotel group Majestic Resorts sought to centralize and simplify an amalgam of heterogeneous systems with solutions from different suppliers for critical management areas for chain establishments, such as Finance, Purchasing, Administration, Human Resources or the operation itself in the Hotels.

After examining different alternatives, the decision was made to invest in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that would allow the company to operate worldwide and centralize the systems at a single point to simplify management.

Discover how Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Syntax were able to provide Majestic Resorts with:

  • Greater visibility at a company level, thanks to the unification of the different information data in a single repository
  • Maximum agility and speed in the deployment of new services and infrastructure

It has been key both the capabilities offered by the AWS native cloud platform as well as Syntax’s experience in SAP and AWS, which has allowed faster implementations and configurations, fundamental for the success of the project.

Manuel Cortés Systems Director, Majestic Resorts