L&L Products

L&L Products’ operations revolve around a tightly integrated supply chain. L&L measures the time between ordering and shipping in hours instead of days – customers have sent helicopters instead of trucks to pick up expedited shipments. To ensure that its operations execute with precision, L&L’s Oracle E-Business Suite solution must deliver predictable uptime while integrating seamlessly with its supply chain.

In 2018, L&L partnered with Syntax to move its Oracle E-Business Suite to the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®. In addition, Syntax was able to offer an Active-Passive DR solution has given L&L end-to-end DR protection at a seven-figure savings compared to other alternatives. Finally, L&L also engaged with Syntax for Application Managed Services, allowing it to deal with a fully integrated functional and technical support team.

Two years into the relationship, L&L is pleased to say that Syntax is delivering on its promises.

  • L&L has enjoyed predictable availability and uptime from its Oracle E-Business Suite
  • L&L has enjoyed continuous improvements in the performance of Oracle E-Business Suite thanks to fine tuning of its SQL code delivered by Syntax EnterpriseCare®
  • The proactive ERP monitoring delivered by Syntax EnterpriseCare® ensures that issues are detected and resolved before they can impact business

You don’t do business with an organization, you do business with people. The people have to have the competency, but more importantly they have to have the passion. Syntax delivers both. At the end of the day, you have to ask, ‘Who do I want to go to battle with?’ To that end, we couldn’t be more delighted that Syntax is our partner.

Kraig Brown CIO, L&L Products