Fenner Precision Polymers

Fenner Precision Polymers is a preferred supplier of polymetric, metal and textile based industrial solutions that add recognized value to motion control, power transmission and related applications. For the past two years, the IT team at Fenner has been focused on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems consolidation driven by merger and acquisition activities. Growing pains with their legacy hosting provider was a key factor driving this change.

The organization also faced a need to upgrade their tools release for JDE E1. Recognizing the opportunity to upgrade and migrate to the public cloud simultaneously, the organization began the process of seeking a new partner for the tools migration project and ongoing Managed Services.

In this success story, see how Syntax EnterpriseCloud® powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) enabled Fenner to achieve

  • Stronger Managed Services support partnership
  • Lower cost base for hosting compute and storage resources
  • Business continuity and high availability architecture provided by the AWS configuration


Our primary goal was to move from our previous partner’s data center to our own AWS environment that could be configured and managed by Syntax. The goal was to establish the partnership with Syntax and gain the benefits of AWS’s cloud resources.

Jim Koelsch Vice President of Information Technology, Fenner Precision Polymers

Fenner Precision Polymers