The continuous improvement of management processes, in combination with the implementation of new services linked to digitization has made Spanish elevator specialist FAIN embrace technological modernization.

This embrace is based in the cloud, achieving more capabilities and power for its infrastructure. Throughout 2020, the company carried out the migration of its SAP systems to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform with Syntax as their executing partner for the initiative.

Discover how utilizing AWS as the base of their new digital services provides FAIN with:

  • A pay-per-use model, converting fixed costs into variables
  • Flexibility and scalability of resources based on growth needs
  • Increased capacities for storage, security, as well as high availability and disaster recovery

We are convinced that, with technology, we can tackle problems that have a huge impact on people’s lives. The IT area not only has to accompany the business by providing it with more efficient processes, but its scope has to reach the external client too.

Company Spokesperson FAIN