Essilor Canada

When medical device manufacturer Essilor Canada faced an IT hardware refresh, the cost of purchasing new IBM servers turned out to be more than the company expected. Already an existing customer for over 20 years, Syntax offered to put their iSDM instance on the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®.

While the move would spare Essilor Canada both the hardware acquisition and maintenance costs, the organization was concerned about whether an environment as complex as theirs could function effectively on the Cloud.

Download this Success Story to discover how the move to the cloud allowed Essilor Canada to:

  • Secure cost-effective distribution and back office ERP system via iSDM
  • Streamline backup and recovery via Solid State Storage
  • Cut IT infrastructure costs

Essilor Canada’s relationship with Syntax is based on confidence, professionalism, responsiveness and technical competency which, when taken together, amount to excellent value delivered over two decades.

Petru Craciunas IT Infrastructure Head, Essilor Canada

Essilor Success Story