CxLink Backup Reduces Cloud Storage Costs by 10x

CxLink Backup has simplified backup management for Syntax by giving it a single view of the status of all backups—a consistent and consolidated place to implement backup policies.


“Knowing that this would be the flagship backup option for our SAP on AWS customers, we used the proof of concept as a learning opportunity for Operations and our SAP Basis team as well. We’re excited now to extend this tool to help customers lower costs.”

Tim Varma, Global Director of Product Management | Syntax

Syntax is a multi-cloud, multi-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provider of professional, advisory, and application management services (AMS) to customers across the globe. An early SAP adopter and long-time customer, Syntax is an SAP Gold Partner and has provided SAP managed services for customers throughout the proliferation of its ERP software in the cloud, achieving SAP Competency Partner Status from AWS, in addition to its elite recognition as an AWS Premier Partner. As a managed services provider of SAP on the public cloud, Syntax identified a need to simplify how backups and recovery of SAP data were handled.

Syntax wanted to implement CxLink Backup for its SAP managed services customers as a solution that is more cost-efficient than traditional snapshots. Before such a rollout, Syntax chose to do an internal proof of concept (POC) with its own SAP systems to confirm that the solution was Enterprise grade for SAP workloads. An internal implementation would also allow Syntax to quantify the storage cost savings, time savings, and other benefits vs. traditional backup solutions for SAP on the public cloud. Finally, the POC would shine the light on ways to innovate the tool in the future, helping customers even more.



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