Bluescope Buildings North America

In 2018, Bluescope Buildings North America (BBNA) sought a new hosting and managed services provider that could boost the performance and stability of its Oracle E-Business Suite applications. Specifically, BBNA needed a provider capable of architecting a solution that would ensure that its Advanced Supply Chain Planning performance kept pace with its manufacturing operations.

After an exhaustive due-diligence process, BBNA opted to move its ERP footprint to the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®. BBNA made this decision because Syntax’s Maximum Performance Architecture would deliver the robust performance demanded by BBNA’s business needs.

In this success story, discover what BBNA was able to accomplish a year after going live with Syntax, including:

  • On-time execution of its Advanced Supply Chain Planning solution runs, providing procurement managers the information they need to place orders as soon as they arrive in the office in the morning
  • Enhanced performance of Oracle E-Business Suite across the board, where process run times that used to take hours now finish in minutes
  • Moving several components of BBNA’s non-ERP Oracle infrastructure, including its WebLogic/SOA and OBIEE footprints, to the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®

Since going live on the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®, we’ve had several ‘Ah, ha’ moments that have validated our decision. Oracle’s performance is better across the board. Whenever issues do arise, Syntax resolves them quickly. They can deliver so effectively because their team is intimately familiar with both our business and our systems. We’ve come to depend on Syntax as our ‘Go To’ partner for Oracle.

Steve Richmeier Business Systems Manager, BBNA