AIDS Healthcare Foundation

As a global non-profit organization with a mission to rid the world of AIDS, ensuring that all the organization’s IT systems are up and running smoothly is critical to facilitating patient care worldwide. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) recognized that supporting and managing SAP systems was not a core competency and that it lacked the necessary resources on staff to manage SAP applications.

With Syntax already providing AHF with a Managed Cloud solution in the Private Cloud, Syntax and AHF CIO Mohandoss Tychicus began exploring a fully managed SAP on AWS solution that would meet the short-term need of a secure and scalable environment for AHF’s SAP systems. The goal was to meet the organization’s long-term cloud-first strategy for its pharma distribution line of business and extensive research and development (R&D) unit.

In this case study, discover how an SAP on AWS migration with Syntax was able to provide AHF with:

  • A seamless transition from private to public cloud with continuity of Syntax support and the trusted SAP Basis team
  • Optimized costs and added flexibility through AWS to take systems – especially non-production systems – down when they are not being used, reducing uptime charges
  • Enhanced security to detect threats in the networking environment and reduce remediation time

Syntax delivered a seamless workflow, and it’s all running so smoothly. On the storage side, if I use less, I pay less. Every penny we save is going to help a patient. Moving to AWS with Syntax was a great choice.

Mohandoss Tychicus CIO, AIDS Healthcare Foundation