Software Developer Relies on the Public Cloud

Founded in 1977, A+W Software develops innovative and complete solutions. They are the market leader for software in the flat glass industry and window and door manufacturing. With its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and optimization software, producers worldwide become more efficient—from commercial processes to machine control.

Since 2014, the medium-sized company with headquarters in Pohlheim, Hesse, and locations in Australia, France, Mexico, Poland, Sweden, and the United States has been part of the Canadian portfolio developer Constellation.

In this case study, discover why software developers rely on the public cloud:

  • Flexibility and Transparency Instead of Constant Hardware Investments
  • Managed cloud services is more secure and efficient for your processes
  • How Syntax can help you gain security, flexibility, and transparency 
“Our business is changing. Our customers want to do their work, and it’s not called IT. No one wants to run their own servers anymore. That’s why we’re setting a central course toward the cloud so that we can offer a fully managed product later on.” 

Peter Dixen Chief Executive Officer, A+W Software