SAP Industry Cloud for retail

How Cloud ERP can help transform retail customer experience and meet sustainability goals

Priorities for today's retail companies

SAP Industry Cloud for Retail can transform the customer journey, creating a consistent, robust omnichannel experience, delivering stock information in real-time, minimizing stockouts with intelligent inventory management, and enabling fast time to market for new, customer-facing digital capabilities.

This whitepaper looks at how SAP Public Cloud platform has evolved to meet the needs of digital retail, how it can transform customer experience, and how Syntax’s retail sector and SAP expertise, experience and proven implementation approach help our retail clients maximize their SAP implementation.

3 major influences on retail customer trends and behaviors

  1. Digitalization and technology are continuing to shape almost every aspect of retail, from hybrid omnichannel sales to social media marketing.
  2. Growing awareness of environmental and social factors is influencing customer behaviors.
  3. Consistently abundant supply and low prices are no longer givens for the consumer. Cost of living increases and supply chain pressures are driving changes in customer expectations and behaviors, with consumers showing more loyalty to brands that are seen as supportive of their customers in difficult times, as highlighted by a 2023 CAP Gemini report. 
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