The Transformation Mindset: How Professional Services Leaders Shift Their Focus Toward Innovation and Sustainability

The professional services industry is adjusting its approach to business transformation by rethinking traditional organizational priorities, according to a new survey by the SAP Insights research center.

The professional services sector is reevaluating its strategy for business transformation. Learn how Professional Services firms are adapting to new realities and driving innovation forward. This recent survey conducted by the SAP Insights research center, highlights industry perceptions and insights regarding technology innovation, business model innovation, and sustainability as pivotal factors in enhancing revenue, efficiency, sustainable operations, and addressing emerging business risks. Notably, executives participating in the survey disclosed their current and future considerations regarding priorities, opportunities, and threats.

Setting sight on growth: 

  • Taking on efficiency drivers: Executives expect their business operations to be impacted by the ripple effects of growing economic and societal concerns, including global shortages of natural resources, climate change, and infectious disease outbreaks.
  • Fuelling digital transformation progress: Surveyed professional services executives recognize that their organization’s digital transformation is critical to help increase business performance today, better respond to future risks, and remain competitive.

 To make more progress on transformation, which is seen as critically linked to business performance, senior professional services leaders need to further improve business processes, increasing flexibility and interconnectedness. 

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