The Intelligent Enterprise for the Professional Services Industry

Facing disruptions and introducing innovations to provide a positive customer experience.

Professional services firms have traditionally led the way in digital transformation for their clients. Yet, they now recognize that no industry is impervious to digital disruption, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This disruption is reshaping how these firms engage with clients, structure their operations, and compete in the market. Learn how best-in-class firms are thriving in this new digital landscape by adapting to market dynamics and focusing on key strategic priorities to uncover and seize new business opportunities.

In a digital world, innovation must be integrated into every department and discipline, allowing cross-functional teams to experiment with new ways to create unique customer value and generate improvements in all areas.

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From Common Practices to the Vertical Edge: 

Outcome-Based Engagements

 Common Practice: 

  • Siloed functions and processes: Bid – execution – outcomes
  • Highly manual, labor-intensive processes
  • Limited visibility into measurable outcomes to drive customer satisfaction 

 Next Practice: 

  • Integrated value chain
  • Prioritized innovations and reused services
  • Embedded automation and intelligence to drive efficiency and seamless delivery 


Vertical Edge 

  • Innovative business models
  • Deep insights used across the entire value chain to deliver measurable outcomes
  • Increasing percentage of revenue from data-intensive services


Common Practice
Next Practice


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