The Intelligent Enterprise for the Mining Industry

Learn four strategic priorities for mining companies to run as intelligent enterprises.

Traditionally reliant on physical labor and reactive models, mining companies are now embracing knowledge-based labor, automation, and predictive planning to navigate challenges like sustainable energy demands and market volatility. To stay competitive, they are incorporating robots, autonomous vehicles, and advanced technology for operational efficiency while also addressing public scrutiny on safety and sustainability. 

Making mining more agile and sustainable from the pit to the customer:

Best Practice: 

Integrate different systems (such as technical and ERP) to enable analytics and end-to-end processes.

  • Hybrid of automated and manual data integration
  • Siloed data and processes by system and department


Next Practice: 

Integrate mine and business date to become more agile; apply planning approaches from manufacturing while gaining real-time visibility into operations.

  • Reduce planning cycles from days to hours.
  • Analyze data directly through embedded analytics in real time rather than in spreadsheets and at the end of the month.
Best Practice
Next Practice

Uncover how best in class mining companies are achieving this vision through business transformation - integrating siloed systems, investing in emerging technology, and creating attractive work environments, all while meeting regulatory and environmental standards.

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