Accelerated ERP for Construction Companies

Elevate your Construction & Engineering operations with Syntax. Our partnership with SAP, coupled with extensive experience in EC&O, ensures tailored technology solutions for proactive issue identification, swift action, and sustained profitability.

Engineering, Construction and Operations (EC&O) firms constantly face the need to manage and mitigate obstacles, as well as adapt to emerging challenges, such as shortages of construction professionals and fluctuating funding for public projects. To harness opportunities and address challenges, EC&O companies must embrace innovation, reevaluating their strategies and existing practices.

Our Accelerated Solutions:

Benefiting from practice knowledge gained across multiple deployments in the Engineering, Construction, and Operations Industry (EC&O), Syntax in partnership with SAP has helped clients implement the right technology to proactively identify issues, take action, and stay profitable. Whether you’re bidding, planning, budgeting or executing, we provide a comprehensive set of innovative tools to help you manage your EC&O enterprise.

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Accelerated ERP for Construction Companies


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